Group Therapy for Teens

Group therapy for teens provide a therapeutic setting in which troubled kids learn from and each other as they participate and engage in the therapeutic experience.  Group therapy for teens is facilitated by professional therapists or counselors.  Group therapy for teens is usually associated with Intensive Outpatient Programs, Substance Abuse Treatment, or Drug Rehab.  However, there are other types of groups where struggling teens get together with a therapist and conduct therapy in a group setting.  Group therapy is an effective way to get to the bottom of specific problems. Group therapy consists of a small group of teens, with no more than 12 kids.  Moreover, the participants usually have similar issues.

Most teens are very social and they like hanging out with their peers. This is why group therapy for teens can be a very effective way for a troubled teen to learn more about their problems. More importantly, through group therapy teens can find solutions to their problems. The key is "engagement", "participation", and "facilitation.  Meaning, in order for therapy to work kids have to engage.  They must also participate in a positive manner.  Most important, is the skill level of the therapist who is the facilitator.  Running group therapy for troubled teens is not easy.

Teens would rather talk about feelings and experiences with peers than adults.  That is why troubled teens benefit more from group therapy than individual or family therapy.  For help finding a good group therapy program near you call Troubled Teen Search. Our Family Advocates can help you find the best group... call today!

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