Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Christian boarding schools for troubled teens are designed for both struggling boys and struggling girls.  Christian boarding schools are excellent options for parents whose child is spiraling out of control. If you are a parent of a troubled child you know exactly what we mean when we say, "spirallng out of control".  There is a great deal of pain and anguis, fear and doubt.  Some parents explan that they feel as though their entire life is upside down, and their faith is being tested.  For immediate help for your troubled boy or girl, call and speak with one of our Family Advocates.

Parents will often choose Christian boarding schools for troubled teens when they know the school will address their child's special needs through a Christian-based philosophy - a program that understands the faith-based principles that the family believe in... Parents would like to see the Christian boarding school teach Christian values and morals that represent the family . There are many faith-based boarding schools in the United States that can address the therapeutic needs of troubled children. Christian boarding schools serving troubled boys and troubled girls are very unique, and specialized, but each one has a different approach and serves a specific niche.  Our recommendation is that you call the Family Advocates of Troubled Teen Search.  We can help you find the perfect Christian boarding school that serves troubled teens and their families.

The best Christ-centered therapeutic programs are residential and academic-based.  Meaning, they offer clinical help (Christian counseling and therapy) and excellent academic support.  The best schools provide college prep courses and prepare students to transition into college. The best boarding schools offer Christian values and college preparatory curriculum.  Call the Troubled Teen Search Family Advocates and perhaps get a discount or scholarship to a top school.

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