Educational Consultants

Educational Consultants for Troubled Teens

Educational Consultants help parents of troubled teens find therapeutic boarding schools or residential treatment centers.  Ed Consultants save lives. Across the country our troubled teens and adolescents are depressed, anxious and angry. They are coping through substance use, promiscuity and acting-out behavior. Some are isolating and retreating into the world of computers and videogames, which they seek as an escape from the real world. If you are a parent of a troubled teenager we can help. Call our Educational Consultants.  We can assess and evaluate your child's specific issues and match you with an affordable solution.  

Troubled Teen Educational ConsultantFor most teens, the public school system effectively serves the majority of our nation’s boys and girls. At times, however, teens have special learning, emotional or behavioral needs that cannot be adequately served in a mainstream setting. This may be especially true for children with parents in the military, or going through divorce etc… who carry an extra burden and level of vulnerability. For these students, something is not working, and a non-public school placement may be the best alternative.

Educational consultants have a variety of backgrounds including school or guidance counseling, teaching, school administration or psychology. They are well-versed in determining the needs of children, as well as working in conjunction with schools and other professionals who are working with the child. Most importantly, they are knowledgeable about the various placement options around the country, and can provide an unbiased assessment of the appropriate setting.


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