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Troubled Teen Search is an educational consultation and family advocacy organization; providing for the welfare, development, and placement of troubled teens in a youth program best-suited for them.

The Troubled Teen Search website was created as a resource for parents searching for help with their wayward teen, in such areas as failing academics, substance use prevention, life skills training, and positive social development.

On staff, we have trained, experienced consultants and advocates waiting to help, based on your wants, needs, and circumstances. They will help you understand the different types of boarding schools available, such as, therapeutic boarding schools, Christian-based schools, or single-sex boarding schools.

Boarding schools for the troubled teens are academic-based schools that offer intensive therapy to students who are struggling to live at home or in the general community..

Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens are usually private schools, designed for struggling boys and girls offering hope and restoration to those in need of help..

Christian boarding schools are designed for both struggling boys and struggling girls, and are excellent options for parents whose child is spiraling out of control..

Boarding schools for struggling teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder are specialized boarding schools that serve adolescents who are diagnosed with ASD..

Placement in Other Types of Programs

In addition to boarding schools, our family advocates can help you with placement in other types of youth programs, if you feel that a boarding school isn't the best solution for your teenager's welfare and development.

In this case, our advocates will provide, for your consideration, knowledgeable assistance for other programs with a successful track record, such as, wilderness therapy programs, residential treatment centers, and substance abuse treatment programs.

Wilderness therapy programs

Therapeutic Wilderness programs for troubled teens and young adults are therapeutic programs designed to assess the underlying issues that create the problematic behavior.

Residential treatment centers

Residential programs for teens cover the gamut of therapeutic treatment. For your child, you can find individual, group, and family therapy, drug and alcohol treatment, trauma counseling, etc.

Christian counseling centers

Christian Counseling Centers are places where parents can feel comfortable finding good treament for troubled teens. Many christian counselors have saved families and adolescents from..


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