Is There Good Group Therapy for Teens in Connecticut?

Absolutely!  There is really good group therapy options for troubled teens in Connecticut!  We can help you find the best group therapy for teens in Connecticut.   Our family advocates will coach you through the process and walk with you all the way.  Note: It is common for troubled teens to feel alone, isolated or different. Group therapy help teens by providing peer support who is experiencing the same problems. Peers who have recovered from a problem can be the best helpers in any group. Group members can also provide emotional support and a safe forum to practice new behaviors. Group therapy is a form of therapy where six or more teens work with therapist or counselor. This methods is a popular format for support groups, where group members can learn from the experiences of others and offer advice.

Please find a list of different group therapy topics for troubled teens in Connecticut:

Grief and Loss

Divorce or Blended Families



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Substance Abuse and Addiction



Eating Disorders


Why Group Therapy works for kids from Connecticut

Why does group therapy work with teens?  Because teens from Connecticut are typically more social, more willing to share their emotions and feelings, and comfortable sharing with peers who are dealing with the same issues.  Moreover, the cost of group therapy in Connecticut is usually less than for individual or family therapy. Therefore teens of Connecticut can get more therapy for less money. Furthermore, teens with good verbal and social skills usually thrive in group therapy. Those without good verbal skills can still do well, and their verbal skills can improve. Basically, when therapy is conducted with teens who are willing to share, reflect, and communicate with peers the results is usually awesome.  The most important part is the therapeutic skill set of the facilitator.

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