Help finding Christian boarding schools for troubled teens in New York

Christian boarding schools of New York serving troubled teens are designed to accomodate boys and girls who are struggling with mild to moderate emotional and behavioral problems. We are able to help Christian parents find the perfect Christian boarding school near New York.  If you have tried everything, and nothing seems to help, call us.  If traditional therapy, Christian counseling, or the Youth Pastor has not been able to help you child and the situation is getting worse, call us.  You are not alone. Our Family Advocates can help you find the best Christ-centered school or program near New York.

Mostly, Christ-centered therapeutic schools are for the emotionally immature (spoiled), selfish, and hopelessly self-centered.  These kids are fixated on their "friends", and their friends are not good influences.  They want so badly to fit in, and to be a part of the crowd.  These kids have rejected their Christian heritage and Christ-centered upbringing.  Teenager that do well at Christian boarding schools are rebellious due to a lack of emotional intelligence (they have been overprotected and pampered - resuced by parents over and over again - they have not felt the consequences of their actions).  These teens need to learn by adversity (learn by their own mistakes).  For a more descriptive list of issues that best represents the troubled teen of a Christian boarding school, see the list below:

  • Emotionally immature
  • Making poor personal choices
  • Acts entitled
  • Plays the victim
  • Blames their poor choices on everyone but themselves
  • Lying, sneaking out, isolating from family
  • Experimenting withs sex, alcohol, and drugs
  • Rejecting their Christian heritage
  • Rebelling against parental authority

Top Christian Boarding Schools in New York

There are Christian boarding schools for troubled teens that are not 'faith-specific', but they have underlying values and principles based on Judeo-Christian religious precepts; respect, honesty, hard work, and the understanding that there are principles that cannot be used for personal gain.  These schools declare that they are "non-denominational" Christian boarding schools offering therapy and academic instruction. However, these schools and programs are "generic" and don't really serve the specific faith needs of the Christian family. We refer to these schools as being "Christian-friendly", but not truly Christ-centered.  We believe that these schools are watered-down Christian versions of secular programs.  However, these schools can be very good therapeutic options, as long as you don't care about the Christian aspect.  

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