Help me find the top wilderness therapy programs for troubled teens of Middletown, DE

Top wiilderness therapy programs for troubled teens of Middletown, DE are designed to help the struggling teen to get a grip on life, turn things around, and understand why things have gone wrong. However, the most important aspect of wilderness therapy is the fact that the teen is not coerced or forced to comply with the program.  They are encouraged and invited. The entire therapy experience is founded on positive repore and trusting relationships. Establishing a non-resistant relationship with the professional staff is the beginning of the "turnaround" journey.  Our Family Advocates will assess your situation, evaluate your teen, and then recommend the best program.  Our goal will be to match you with the program that best serves your child, save you money, and help you avoid a catastrophe.

At the top wilderess therapy programs your troubled teen will have the opportunity to reconnect with his or her inner true self in a challenging but peaceful environment. Lets face it, there is no better therapeutic environment than the wilderness.  The beauty of the wilderness, the peace of the enviornment, lends to the therapeutic experience. We represent wilderness programs that are setting a new standard in wilderness therapy.  These programs provide struggling teens with a profound sense of emotional reprieve in the context of unconditional help and support. Together, we will make a life-changing transformation in your child and your family. For more information please call our Family Advocates who will help you with enrollment or further questions.

The programs we represent make use of the highest standard in safety communication, reaching above and beyond the accepted best practices put forth by the state. The programs we represent carries two satellite phones from two different carriers. They also carry a third satellite device, a SPOT GPS personal locator. And in addition to their own extensive resources, they have coordinated with local search & rescue and helicopter services in case of an emergency.  


Why do wilderness therapy programs for troubled teens in Middletown, DE work?

Why do wilderness therapy programs for troubed teens from Middletown, DE work? Why are they so successful with troubled teens? The answer is easy.  Because the wilderness allows for the campers to develop "trusting" relationships with adult counselors.  In order to "make it" in the wilderness the camper drops the negative attitude and appreciates the counsel and coaching from the adult supervisors.  The wildnerness is amazing, intriging, and attractive (peace and naturally therapeutic). But it is also "the unknown".  In order to navigate the unknown troubled teens listen and follow the advice and counsel of the adult staff (professional counselors).  The relationship builds from there.

Students who participate in wilderness therapy programs were once usually bright, responsible, and motivated; yet now they are struggling in terms of self-confidence, defiance, lack of motivation, self-centeredness, and possibly caught up with drug and alcohol abuse. Their lives are spirally out of control and their decision making is destroying their future and destiny. Wilderness therapy programs for troubled teens and young adults can be seen as a combination of ancient cultural systems and modern therapeutic processes. These programs provide students with a therapy intervention, counseling, and survival training that induces productive relationship building. The duration of programs is normally from 30 to 90 days.