Help Finding Best Group Therapy for Teens of Meriden, CT

We can help you find the best group therapy for troubled teens living in Meriden, CT. Participating in a therapy group with peers struggling with the same problems is one of the best settings for effective therapy.  Group therapy with teens can be much more powerful than individual therapy.  In Group therapy setting teens can share with each other, teaching one another new skills such as; development of social skills, learning new coping skills, overcoming lonilness and isolation, learning to listen, learning to empahize, and become willing to hold others accoutable with the feel the urge to cut, drink, etc..  In group therapy teens gain a deeper perspective of their problems and how to overcome them.

Group therapy is also a good choice for a teen dealing with a recent trauma such as the death of friend or family member, sexual or physical abuse, or divorce. Below is a list of other "group therapy" topics.

  • alcohol/drug addiction
  • cutting and self-harm
  • anger management issues
  • eating disorders
  • depression and anxiety
  • low self-esteem
  • thoughts of suicide
  • divorce and blended families
  • adoption


Best Group Therapy for Struggling Kids in Meriden, CT

Effective group therapy with troubled teens from Meriden, CT require a skilled therapist to provide effective leadership.  The best therapy groups for teens from Meriden, CT are faciliated by professionals who really connect well with teens.  Teens must respect the faciliator, and believe that the facilitator is "real", or the group will fail. Some troubled teens find it difficult to talk openly about their problems when the group is co-ed. The best groups are gender-based. The overall effectiveness of the group depends to some extent on all participants, but most important is the leader of the group.