Helping locate the top Christian boarding schools for Troubled Teens near Auburn, ME

Troubled Teen Search is known by the behavioral health industry as the best resource in helping parents of troubled teens locate the top Christian boarding schools near Auburn, ME. We want to help you find the perfect solution for your family with the purpose of total restoration. Parents of troubled teenagers call us every day, sharing their story of pain and anguish.  Our response to these parents is to present the message "hope", "faith", and "love".  Meaning, we tell parents, "no matter how you feel, their is hope through Jesus Christ.  To some degree this is a test of your faith.  And, the love of God poured out through Jesus Christ (His neverending grace) is the answer."  We have witnessed hundreds of parents find answers to their families crisis.  We recommend to Christian parents of troubled teens, "call our Family Advocates and let us help you locate top Christian boarding schools near Auburn, ME".  

The parents we work with believe that "Jesus is the only answer!" We promote  Christian boarding schools for troubled teens that believe "Jesus is the only answer!"  Parents also care about academic excellence.  We recommend Christ-centered therapeutic schools that are committed to the presentation of the Grace of God, AND committed to academic excellence.  The issue with their troubled child is a spiritual issue.  They do recognize that there is an emotional battle, but the answer is found in the application of their Spiritual beliefs.  Christian parents of troubled teens want to look to the Biblical principles and Biblical truths for the relief.  They expect a battle, but hope for victory through their faith.  Moreover, they are hoping that their child will learn (or re-learn) that the battle has been won, the victory is theirs, and the truth (triumph over adversity) is found in Grace and Mercy.  Christian parents are looking for Christian boarding schools that will not water down the truth, but to present the truth unapologetically.  At Troubled Teen Search we believe that we have Family Advocates who are "believers", and are more than willing to help struggling families win the battle of "the troubled teen".  Its all about liberty, freedom, and forgiveness.

Christ-centered Schools and Programs Designed for Troubled Teens from Auburn, ME

Christ-centered schools and programs of Auburn, ME that focus on getting troubled teens "back to the basics" of Christianity consider themselves to be biblically-based academic institutions.  They most definitely care about providing a great education. They also focus on the emotional growth of "troubled teens", by providing therapeutic support (individual and group therapy, substance abuse counseling, and family therapy)  These Christ-centerd boarding schools use the most common principles of Christianity that make up the foundations of the Christian faith (grace, forgivness, and service toward others - servant leadership). Teens from Auburn, ME are influenced by many negative people and activities.  And then there are the normal temptations that we all face.  The negativity can draw good teens away from the Christian principles their parents raised them to believe. Negative influences - from peers who disrespect their parents, to experimentation with drugs and alcohol, to sexual promiscuity... Christian boarding schools for troubled teens can help restore the child and the family.