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Troubled Teen Search is a premier directory site of Therapeutic Group Homes in Glendive, MT, helping parents find the most suitable facility for their struggling teen. Historically, group homes for teenagers have been known as a general term for a residential treatment center.

Residential treatment centers have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of families with troubled teens. It is important to make sure that when looking for a group home for your adolescent that it is more than just a place to put your teen, or a publicly funded place for troubled young adults and teenagers. It needs to be at a dependable residential treatment center, capable of providing each child that arrives with therapy, schooling, and individualized care.

Troubled Teen Search - Distressed teenager struggling with drug addiction at therapeutic programAlthough the ideal group home for you and your teen may be located outside the local area of Glendive, MT, these facilities accept teens from all over the country. Our goal at Troubled Teen Search (TTS) is to help troubled teens and their families, and group homes and treatment centers are one of the best options we recommend.

Group homes are the first step of "out-of-home" therapeutic options for parents, and the least restrictive. It is a place where each teen becomes part of a larger community, learning to help themselves and others by the new therapeutic and life skills they are acquiring. The best part of group homes is the fact that they are actual homes and modeled after a family setting. The best programs are safe, secure, and offer family reunification and family therapy. .

Group Homes for Children

Going through the selection of group homes in Glendive, MT, or elsewhere, will be overwhelming unless you have a professional helping you with the selection. Group Homes for Troubled Teens glendive montana mtWithout professional guidance, the task of finding the right group home is daunting. These residential treatment centers in the Glendive, MT area are very highly specialized and as they treat very specific issues, disorders, or physical impairments, the selection process must be thorough and precise, for both your, and your child’s benefit. Many centers help with drug rehabilitation and substance abuse. Our recommendation is that you call upon our Family Advocates to help you find the right group home for your child.

Such group treatment and rehabilitation centers provide more than just substance abuse treatment; they provide mental and emotional health care, and high-quality academics. Whether your child is behind in school or not, these residential treatment centers will help them stay focused and on-task to make certain they are able to do their very best.

Glendive, MT Group Homes

The job of TTS is to help you give your child a new chance to get things right. Most teens from Glendive, MT want to do well and to succeed. Sometimes they only need a new opportunity in the right environment with the right therapy support. They can learn occupation skills through the program’s superior job training, and job placement assistance. An independent living program is ideal for older teens to help them learn life skills that will be necessary to go out on their own and make it in the ever-changing society.

TTS's educational consultants believe that these teens have the ability to change and become successful, happy adults, and it all begins with an independent living facility or residential treatment program (which are sometimes one and the same). These group homes will provide your struggling teen with new opportunities and a chance at making their life infinitely better.

Group Homes for Kids

Troubled Teen Search - Cheerful teen feeling encouraged with recovery at program for struggling youthIf your child has been acting out in anger, isolating, refusing to follow parental authority, hanging out with the wrong crowd, experimenting with drugs, or abusing alcohol, consider calling us. Sometimes, these are the result of mental health disorders or emotional health struggles. Substance abuse, eating disorders, and mental illness can all be helped in a caring, therapeutic environment like our group home/residential treatment centers.

We can help you find the right therapeutic program to turn your teen’s life around before it's too late. Group homes are considered to be early intervention options. The best group homes will work with the child and his or her family, and provide therapy, life skills, and education to help your child get the best treatment possible. Let us help you consider the group homes near you, or other residential treatment programs. The important thing is to find the perfect solution for your child.


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National Council for Behavioral Health: Behavioral Health Liability Insurance and Risk Management - The Mental Health Corporations of America and The National Council have joined forces to create and endorse the Mental Health Risk Retention Group. The MHRRG supplies behavioral healthcare providers with liability insurance that meets their ever-changing coverage needs. It is owned by its policyholders and provides benefits that include quality coverage, stabilized premiums, a loss prevention program, and protection against arbitrary cancellation.